Yonsei Esports Lab (YES Lab, 예스랩) was established in March 2021 in the department of computer science at Yonsei University to create the foundations for scientific performance engineering and measurement in esports!

The vision of YES lab
    1. We become the birthplace of a new discipline: esports performance engineering
    2. We train world-class academic researchers in the field of esports performance engineering
    3. We develop amazing technologies to boost the performance of esports players
June-Seop Yoon (석박통합, 2021 가을)

Jonghyun Kim (석박통합, 2022 봄)

Hanbyeol Lee (석박통합, 2022 봄)

Heeseung Moon (PhD candidate, co-supervision with professor Jiwon Seo)

Daekaun Kang (MS Student, graduate school of engineering)