Yonsei Esports Lab (YES Lab, 예스랩) was established in March 2021 in the department of computer science at Yonsei University to create the foundations for scientific performance engineering and measurement in esports.
Jimoon Kang (Postdoctoral Researcher)

June-Seop Yoon (석박통합, 2021 Fall 입학 예정)
Hajun Kim (MS Candidate @ KAIST)
Heeseung Moon (PhD candidate, co-supervision with professor Jiwon Seo)

Hanbyeol Lee (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)
June-Seop Yoon (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)
Kyuhwan Yeom (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)
Chonghyun Kim (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)