Yonsei Esports Lab (YES Lab, 예스랩) was established in March 2021 in the department of computer science at Yonsei University to create the foundations for scientific performance engineering and measurement in esports!

The vision of YES lab
    1. We become the birthplace of a new discipline: esports performance engineering
    2. We train world-class academic researchers in the field of esports performance engineering
    3. We develop amazing technologies to boost the performance of esports players

Jimoon Kang (Postdoctoral researcher, 2021 June - 2021 October) → Hanbyeol Lee (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Fall)
Chonghyun Kim (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Fall)
Chanwook Shim (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Fall)
Hanbyeol Lee (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)
June-Seop Yoon (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)
Kyuhwan Yeom (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)
Chonghyun Kim (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Summer)
Moonseok Choi (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Myeonghoon Cho (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Kihyun Kim (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Hyunwoo Lee (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Jinhyung Park (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Kyoochul Shim (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Kyungjae Park (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Hyeji Shin (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Yoonseo Lee (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring Summer) → PUBG
Hongjoo Lee (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Hojoon Ryu (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)
Yeji Park (Undergraduate Intern, 2021 Spring)

@ KAIST (2016-2022):
Hajun Kim (MS, 2022)
Minki Hong (MS, 2021) → TmaxSoft
Injung Lee (PhD, 2021) → Postdoctoral Researcher, KAIST → Samsung Research
Sanghwa Hong (PhD, 2021) → Assistant Professor, Hanyang University
Hyunchul Kim (M.S. 2021) → PhD Student, KAIST
Jeongwhan Oh (M.S. 2021)
Sangyoon Lee (M.S. 2020)
Seungwon Do (M.S. 2020) → ETRI
Seunghwan Kim (박사과정 지도교수 변경)
Auejin Ham (Undergraduate Research Intern, 2019) → PhD Student, KAIST
Sion Kim (Undergraduate Research Intern, 2019)
Dahye Ko (M.S. 2019)
Hyunju Kim (M.S. 2019) → PhD Student at Cornell University
Jiyoon Jang (M.S. 2019) - KAIST 창의활동상 수상 → Film Director
Jooyoung Oh (박사과정 자퇴) → New media artist
Eunji Park (M.S. 2019)
Eunseok Jeong (URP 2018 Spring)
Jongin Lee (M.S. 2018, 학위논문 "리플렉터: 화면상의 자기 반사를 활용한 직접 포인팅" - KAIST 창의활동상 수상) → PhD Student at Simon Fraser University
Namung Kim (URP 2017 Fall, "Analyzing Visual Dynamics of Movies Through ACT-R EMMA Model, Excellent Award) → CLASSUM
Shengen Lim
Sunjun Kim → Postdoc at Aalto University → Assistant Professor, DGIST
Jonghyuck Jung (Developer, Developed Online Temporal Pointing Experiment)
Moonjoo Bae (Research Intern)
Shinhoo Park (Research Intern, Developed WootingKeyboard Library for Processing)